Announcement: 2010 maintenance fee collection

Dear Residents,

1)  We are pleased to announce the commencement of the 2010 maintenance fee collection period as follows:

Start date: 21 December 2009
End date: 21 March 2010

Payment should be in cheque.  Cheque must be made payable to PERSATUAN PENDUDUK BUKIT SUNGAI LONG 1.
The amount is for the period from 22 March 2010 – 21 March 2011.  As agreed during the resident meeting on 24 Oct 09, the amount is based on the type of your property as stated below:-

Double Storey Terrace: RM 1200
Double Storey Semi-D: RM 1440
Double Storey Bungalow: RM 2280

There are 2 ways of making payment.
i.)  KiHuat office. Only cheque is acceptable and official receipt will be issued to you upon payment.

ii.) Put your cheque into an envelope. NO CASH please. Write your name, telephone number and address at the back of the cheque.  Put the envelope into the letter-box at the guard house.  An official receipt will be issued to you within 2-weeks.

A stainless steel letter-box will be ready within a month. While waiting for that a plastic red letter-box will used temporarily.

2)  The committee had divided our responsibilities to ensure we can make decision and respond quickly to any matters and complaint. Other members not mention below also play an important role of supporting all activities of the committee.

Security and Guards
Mr. Ronny Hoh   
Mr. Ronny Yam

Landscape & Maintenance (repair works)
Mr. Wong 
Mr. Patrick Oh

Account and Finance (fee collection, accounts, expenses)
Ms. Chong  
Mr. Siow 

Mr. Edwin Yeap
Mr. Sam Ser 
Ms. Yeo 

The appointment of Mr. Kee (No. 1, Jalan 1/2) as a committee member was a mistake. We regret any inconvenience caused.


Announcement: Resident Meeting 24 Oct 09 outcome

Dear resident,

We had a very successful resident meeting last Saturday, 24 Oct 2009.  There was a large turnout and all items in the agenda were discussed and arrived with a decision.  KiHuat was represented by Mr. Dennis and Mr. Mok.  Also attended the meeting was Mr. Subramaniam, the Operations Manager of the security firm providing the guards in BSL1.  The meeting started at 3:30PM and ended at 5.00PM. 

1.)  Election of new committee members:
There are 7 new committee members elected.  They are:-

Kee Hun Chew                                 No 1, Jln 1/2    
Siow Ah Kiew @ Siow Choon Sin      No 69, Jln 1/2  
Yam See Lim                                  No 52, Jln 1/3   
Yoh Ah Heok                                  No 26, Jln 1/3   
Cheng Sam @ Ser Cheng Sam        No 17, Jln 1/3   
Patricia Lau Ee Ling                        No 22, Jln 1/5   
Thye Wei Teong                             No 5, Jln 1/5      

It is not appropriate to publish their contact numbers in the Internet.  A separate circular will be distributed into your letterbox will have their contact numbers.

2.)  Maintenance Contract:
The existing contract will expire in March 2010.  The committee will discuss with relevant parties how to take this forward. 

3.)  Maintenance fee for 2010:
During the meeting residents were presented with 3 options:  RM20, RM30 or RM40 increase per month per house regardless of type of house.  The annual maintenance cost around RM156,000 (exclude any unexpected expenses) was discussed as well.  Everyone agreed to increase the current maintenance fee and 68% agreed to increase RM40.  The collection is a one-time lump sum total fee for the whole year of 2010.  We will inform you how to make payment in a separate circular. With this increment, here is the new fee from March 2010:-

Double Story Terrace:  RM100 per month
Double Storey Semi-D:  RM120 per month
Bungalow:  RM 190 per month

Edwin (On behalf of the BSL1 resident committee)