A. 2 Storey Garden Terrace Homes (Type Adora):
  • Total Units : 86
  • Land Size : 22’x70′ and 25’x70′
  • Built-up : 2,307 s.f. and 2,873 s.f.


B. 2 Storey Semi-Detached Homes (Type Avalon)

  • Total Units : 72
  • Land Size : 36’x75′
  • Built-up : 2,553 s.f.


C. Formation of  BSL1 Residents Association (BSL1RA)

The office bearers of the Protem Committee (Formed : 9th August 2008) :-

1. President : Mr. Patrick Oh Shu Lin

2. Vice President : Mr. Edwin Yeap 

3. Secretary : Ms Yeo Teng Yin

4. Asst. Secretary : Ms. R. Hanuratha @ Nair A/P Ramachandram 

5. Treasurer : Ms Chong Siew Ling

6. Commitee Members :

  • Mr. Hoh Swee Khiaw
  • Mr. Wong Kok Sing
  • Mr. Tan Kin Yeng
  • Mr. Lim Ah Bah

2 Responses

  1. Dear Residents BSL1 i am stay at BSL3 and my house facing a lot of cracks because beside of the highway that is a new development project carry out the rock blasting works have BSL1 facing a same problem? Need you all support and command if you all facing a same problem and i will take action to the developer. thanks

    From : Siah

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