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Dear resident,

Due to numerous attempted and successful house break-ins in the past 4 months, the following actions have been taken by the resident committee to improve security.

1) Barb Wire:
The installation of barb wire is almost complete. We managed to get the developer to sponsor the materials but the workmanship cost is from the collection of our maintenance fee.

2) Additional security guards:
We have employed 2 more security guards for the night shift. As such, total night shift guards is now 4. These 2 additional guards will start work from 11pm – 7am. All the house break-ins happened during the night especially from 3am – 5am, therefore we need more guards to improve security during this period. Cost for these 2 additional guards is from our maintenance fee.

3) Improve security in risky areas:
There are 2 risky areas:-
(i) Near the TNB sub-station:
One guard is station around the TNB and playground entrance from 11pm – 7am every night. This will ensure he can see the backlane of 1/5 facing the Silk highway, backlane of 1/3 facing the playground and also the playground.

ii) Bungalow:
We have one guard stationed in the middle of the bungalow area facing the Silk highway from 11pm – 7am. This ensure he see the backlane of 1/5 and all other bungalows next to the highway.

4) Patrolling BSL1 by police
The committee had written to the Kajang district police chief requesting frequent police patrol in BSL1. This is like putting a “police letter-box” with a log book for the police to mark their attendance. We are hoping to get a firmed “yes” to our request but we managed to speak to the Sg. Long police chief personally and he assured to provide us full coorporation and speedy response to our calls.

5) Light-up dark areas:
The committee had written to the authority via the developer to install 6 additional street lights around BSL1. Work is in progress. One of the dark areas is the TNB sub-station and the empty space next to it. We also planned to install spotlights once we have the street light are in place. The spotlight will point to the backlane of 1/5 and 1/3 which are all facing the highway and playground area. The night shift guard can see more clearly with the spotlight.

6) Car stickers:
New stickers is currently being distributed to all residents. This will tighten overall security by ensuring only vehicle registered with the committee are allow into BSL1. People in vehicles without stickers are assumed to be outsiders and need to register their identity with the guards.

7) House-rules:
BSL1 house-rules are also currently being distributed to all residents. It consist of basic and practical rules to ensure everyone in BSL1 can continue to live in a harmonious, secure and clean environment. Achieving this require the coorporation of all residents and their commitment to follow the rules.

8) Falling off trees and bushes:
The empty area between backlane of 1/5 and the Silk highway is always an area of great concern. The committee has so far cleared bushes and falling trees so that there is no place to hide for the thiefs.

9) Patrolling by resident:
We have formed groups on a voluntary basis comprising resident and committee to patrol BSL1 as and when required. So far we have patrolled 3-4 times targetting at risky areas, risky times (3am-5am), etc.

More updates will come from time to time. Please leave your comment.


10 Responses

  1. Thanks Edwin for the updates and efforts put in. Could it be the recent increase of crime rate related to construction work at BSL 5?

  2. Edwin,

    I got the house rules & car stickers …. and i must say EXCELLENT! We really appreciate the effort you and the committee members have put into this especially on buffing up our security.

    One point i would like to remind everyone is about the speed limit which i really think everyone must adhere to. This is due to the fact that i myself have had on several occasions encountered children on their bicycles dashing through the small lanes between each jalan BSL. They never stop to look for cars … it is so dangerous and i hope everyone will cooperate and strictly follow the speed limit especially during evenings.

    Again, thanks to edwin & the committee for your contributions and efforts and all the residents of BSL1 for their cooperation.


  3. I got the house rules and car stickers and I have put the stickers on my windscreen. To my disappoiment there are not many of these residents stick their car stickers yet. In order to have stringent security control we should follow the house rules and stick the new sticker on the windscreen immediately.

  4. where to get the house rules and car sticker?

  5. Hi j,

    Now you can get the house rules from the guard house. You shall keep one copy yourself; another copy sign acknowledgement and put it into suggestions box . ( If you can’t get it please notify the committee member). Which unit are you staying now, 2 free car stickers will be given to each house owner. Additional will charge at RM10/ piece.

    Hope the information given is not late for you.

  6. I was having a chat with one of the security late one night and we were talking bout house with triggered alarms. And he told me that one of the house owner call up his mobile and asked him to check on his house. So i asked him did he do it? He said yes but he was confused as he rang the bell and the owner did not come out.. so he was thinking why the owner called him for…. obviously mr security here did not know that our house alarm is linked to our mobile phone so when our house alarm triggers so does our phone.. so i explained to him bout the features and got a big OOhh from him…. jesus….. next time if this happen to u just tell the security guard that you are not at home and asked him to check your house for sign of break in… not sign of you being at home !

  7. hey thanks. I’ve got it :).

  8. To Edwin and all the BSL1 committee members who have relentlessly ensured that we are living in a safe and sound environment….A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!! ^_^

  9. Thanks Edwin & The Committee for the efforts to make BSL1 a secure living place.

    I believed all the residents in BSL1 have received a very rude letter from an uneducated rich person who dare to write such rude letter but not dare to identify himself / herself.

    For my family members and I, we are supporting Ronnie, Phillip and the committee members. We hope this letter won’t discourage Ronnie, Phillip & the committee members. We hope the person and his / her family members can come out and talk about his / her / their unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the committee.

  10. 你好,我有一个问题想请你们帮忙,麻烦你们通知那些有养狗的居民,请他们不要带狗到人家的门口草地大小便。。。 这样是不卫生的。。。希望他们能合作。。谢谢!

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