Social activities & general communication

playgroundUse this for area for social chatting or events such as you want to invite neighbour to your open house, birthday party, or just inform people that your dog have gave birth to new puppies!

Or just to let people know you have move into Bkt Sg Long.


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  1. Dear Residents of Dog owner.

    I have found many “Dog Stools” in the Play Ground Area and as well as the grass that i plant infront of my house.

    Although i don’t even have a dog. but slowly “Cleaning Dog Stools” already become the daily routine job to my family members.

    I believe you will have same feeling like me. you will not welcome others dog to output the “Dog Stools” infront of your house dues to cleanliness concern. because it is “Dirty” and “Terrible Smell”.

    But sometimes, you may forgot or not aware although you do not have the intention. But no worry, i can help you with below sharing.

    1. Please bring along a plastic bag with you. so, that you can collect the “Dog Stools” output by your dog

    2. Please bring along your maid or “KAKAK”, so she will collect the “Dog Stools” output by your dog instead of you do it.

    3. for the ouput collected, you may just throw it to your rubbish bin or you may recycle it as natural fertilizer for your house plants (if you can accept the smell)


    • Hi Cannise, I totally agreed with you. They are some irresponsible dog owners in our housing area. I found many “Dog Stools” in front of my house too.

  2. Dear Cannise,

    It may be too late for me to respond to your , but I think what you mentioned earlier may not be the “Dog Stools” but is stray cat’s stools instead. I had plenty of it in front of my house or even my garden sometimes…

    My neighbour told me was a big pussy cat who’d done it inside my garden.

    I have just put up a comments to seek for a solution on stray cats. Hopefully we are able to resolve the issue once and for all.


  3. testing……
    Lotus in BSL … 🙂

  4. Dear Cannise,
    Your suggestion may be falling into deaf ears… the one that does such idiotic things do not have the civic mind to read this blog… hence an outsider…
    to quote this is my real experience and not to mention name, I have seen with my own eyes this guy who walks 2 of his dogs one afternoon whom just simply allow his dogs to shit infront of my neighbour’s house without any sign of conscience. I went to my neighbour house and waited for him to return. On seeing him again, I confronted him and asked him why he allow his dogs to shit without thinking that it is on someone’s else house. Obviously he denied everything but later promise to clean the shit but never did…. i told him should i found any kind of shit in front of my house I will take it up and throw it into his house… till today… i haven’t got that chance yet… perhaps he has found another place for his dogs to poo poo…

  5. Hi all,

    I am not a dog owner myself but i do agree with Cannise Liew that dog owner should bring a plastic bag alongwith them to collect their pet’s poo-poo.

    This will not only maintained a hygiene environment for everyone, but it also indirectly send a message to the dog owner’s children to be a responsible person in the future (in layman term, to clean up your own mess). Parents need to walk-the-talk to set a good example to their children.

    p/s – There’s one lady dog owner who always bring a plastic bag along with her when she’s walking her dog.
    A good role model to the rest. =)


    • I have suggest to commitee to talk about “Dog Stools” issue during coming AGM hopefully all of you can attend and voice out your opinion for a long term solution.

      see all of you on 19th Sept 3pm.

  6. I will move in to BSL 1 end of September and I am still cracking my head with the children school transportation ie from BSL to Conn 2 Primary School, and Kuen Cheng Chinese Independent School. If you have any idea on this,desperate for help.


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