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  1. Dear all,

    There have been complaints from some residents that our security guards are sleeping at night. I got 1 suggestion from a resident which in my opinion is good.

    We can have a rule that from 11PM – 6:30AM, the remote control function to open the barricade will be disabled. This give us to benefits:

    1.) the security guards have no choice but to open the gate, therefore cannot sleep

    2.) when the guards open the gate, they will check the person in the car to ensure the person is our resident before allowing them in. This is a good security measure especially at night.

    Let me know what you think.

    If majority of you agree with this suggestion, we will bring this up in our meeting and get it endorse as a new rule.

    Edwin Yeap

    • Edwin,

      It’s not a bad idea. But what if the guards are not in the guard house due to the reason of patrolling or gone for toilet. The residents will stuck at the entrance and i believe it would be very annoying .

  2. Hi Edwin, I agreed to your new rule and fully support. Thanks Edwin !

  3. Hi Edwin, I totally agreed with your suggestion. This is for the benefit of all residents!
    Cheers …

  4. Hi, Edwin, great ideal, I support you..

    ~. Life Is Great .~

  5. Hi all, first time posting. First of all, thank you for putting this site up (appreciate all the effort). I have created a facebook group and it is ok if the committee would like to take over (only 3 members so far).

    Disabling the remote system to ‘force’ the guards to stay awake may be a good idea. However, something to ponder: if we found them sleeping in the morning, does that mean we will have to disable the whole remote system all day long?

  6. Hi all,
    My first post. Is this blog still active? Last posting under this category was on Oct 8 2009. Anyway, just wanted to highlight that since our security guards have changed to a different company now, what are your comments on this current security guards? As for me, even with the previous security guards, my friends, brother-in-law, etc could just come in without leaving their IC with the guards. All they had to say was ‘Pick up’. Is this a magic secret password or what? The maintainence fee was raised significantly, shouldn’t things improve for the better?

    • Hi Jason,

      Whether or not this blog still active depends on willingness from all resident to use it. It require 2-way communication…not just for the committee to make announcement.

      I am also a resident myself paying the same amount of maintenance so I have the same expectation as you. So far I have not encounter anything bad yet but Patrick (committee President) saw them sleeping at night. Officially Kihuat still managing the guards until March 2010, so I already complaint to them when I met Dennis this morning at the guard house.

      • Yes, agreed with Jason as I really dissatified with the security guards as they simply let visitors to come in. Some using the magic password “Pick Up” and some using the magic password “my relative is a resident committee” as well as the magic word “my relatives leave here”. We are paying the same amount as what Edwin is paying and we are expecting a better security to be put in placed. I hope we can see the improvement as soon as possible.

  7. It is sad to see that the guards at the guardhouse are not doing their jobs. I noticed that most of the time, they just allow the visitors to go in without proper documentation when the visitors raising their voices or told the guards that they have so and so leaving there or told the guards that their friends or relatives are so and so in the resident commitee. We are paying for good security for protection for every one staying in BSL1. I hope to see great improvements from the security perspective otherwise not worth paying for the maintenance fee.

  8. Hi KM, Jason,

    I agree the previous guards are better than this new batch. The committee is giving pressure to both Kihuat and the security company to improve.
    If they don’t improve, we change them.

    At the same time some members of the committee will station themselves in the guardhouse to check how they do their work and train them.

  9. I believe the committee (representing the community) must let the security company (and the guards) know that their performance is gauged by how tight the security is, not how friendly they are to the residents/visitors. Also, as residents, if we want to have a tight security, we should also be made aware that we should all swallow our pride when was required to present an ID when we do not have the remote control with us (eg. when taking a cab back or when we are in a friend’s car).

    I do not agree on disabling the remote gate at night as I have come back twice after they disabled it and I ended up just having to waive my hand instead. I believe the remote control is still far more secure and reliable than just recognizing the face at night. Besides, the next morning, I will not be able to get out with the remote control, as it didn’t register the entrance, and I have to waive my hand again. The hand waiving will end up replacing the remote control if we want to keep the manual system at night. I suggest we remove the manual system.

    • Point noted. Everything has its pros and cons. The reason for this new rule is to tighten security at night. Any better idea to tighten security and at the same time don’t create unnecessary hassel to the residents?

      If our car remote control can be clone/duplicate, it is possible to duplicate our gate remote as well.

  10. I tried to duplicate the remote control at a shop but the person can’t seem to do it. Kihuat confirmed that the remote control cannot be duplicated.

    I think this is good because individual remote control can be disabled if the resident doesn’t pay maintenance fees.
    However, we could no longer rely on this ‘method’ to prohibit residents from not paying the fees after we start doing manual checking (at night). Resident will, again, just need to show the guard the remote control and pretended that he/she came in manually last night and thus it didn’t work.

    I personally think that the manual flow doesn’t help tighten the security, but in a way, loosen it. From what I heard about the two recent break-in on Jalan 1/5, the intruders didn’t really come in from the guardhouse entrance, but from the empty land between BSL1 and SILK highway. Maybe we can start brainstorming for ideas tackling that?

    • Stanley,

      Me an another committee member personally saw 1 resident using another type of remote control to open the gate. That was last Saturday. 2 person saw this so cannot be wrong.

      I agreed tightening the back facing SILK highway is our priority. The committee already have a few meetings with the affected residents. The decision now is to build a 8 feet fence with barb-wire from the bungalow to the empty land next to the TNB sub-station. The affected semi-d residents already agreed to share the construction cost. Work will began this coming Friday. We also decided to put barb-wire around BSL1 perimeter wall and we are asking KiHuat to subsidize the cost. At the moment, they have not confirmed the amount. I will update when I have more information.

      Meanwhile, we are in the midst of coming up with “house rule” to be implemented once the committee take over management from KiHuat. Feel free to give your suggestion. I cannot promise your suggestions will finally be implemenented because it will be the decision of the majority of the committee.

      We need “active” committee member, therefore I look forward to your willingness to be part of us.

  11. Hi Edwin,

    Thanks for working things out with the developer for us. I would like to join the committee and contribute what I can, may I know how do I go about that?

  12. Hi Stanley,

    Not sure about the right procedure/policy to follow but I don’t see any reason why anyone would object you joining the commitee. Welcome onboard ! I will announce this in the next memo to all resident.

  13. I think the commitee should relook into the idea of disabling the autogate at night since there are many negative feedbacks about the move. The autogate is functioned to let the residents in without any hassle and any cars without the remote control access will be recorded. What is the purpose of disabling the gate if the guard just simply let vehicles in by just waving the hand as informed by some residences? Now our community is just like other communities without the autogate. If we want to keep the guards awake, please have them patronise the area every single hour.
    Regarding the ‘house rules’, unlike condos/apartments, landed properties are governed by the laws published by the housing minister and local municipal council which is MPKj. Residence Association has no rights to implement any ‘house rules’ for landed properties as there is no mutual convenant agreement being signed and each houses has their individual title, even all the roads in the compound belongs to MPKj. Any laws that is made by a group of people and voted by a group of people rather than all the residents does not deem justified as law making is an serious issue and required professional knowledges.
    I think the commitee should focus at the security issues and infrastructure improvements.

    • Hi,

      Yes, there are negative feedback but the committee also got some positive feedback. Can you share your thoughts what is a better alternative to tighten security at night and to address possibility of thieves driving away our cars? Mr Ronny Yam is our head of security. You may want to discuss with him. Let me know if I can sent his mobile to your email or we can discuss face-to face (your house address please)

      You are also correct about the laws. But reality is we most likely will not be able meet up 100% of the resident (42 unoccupied houses as at 14 March 2010) and on top of it satisfying 100% of the resident. Getting 100% agreement everytime we want to implement anything is time consuming whereas a burglar don’t have to wait for anyone to break into our home. We are in a race with the burglar.

      The “house rules” is one of the many security measures the committee is trying to implement. Others include putting up barb wire around BSL1, increase number of guards, add additional lamp post in dark areas and playground, another security “pondok” at the end of Jln 1/5 (next to playground entrance) and CCTV at the guard house (if we have sufficient funds). The above measures are the thoughts of the committee (minority) with an assumption people with the right frame of mind (majority) would not have any objection. Knowing these are sensible things to do and the sooner the better, is it still a neccessity to have a resident meeting to get 100% agreement? From experience not all resident will attend the meeting, then how much time needed to follow-up with the absentees?

  14. HI Edwin,
    Thanks for the speedy reply. One of the suggestion that I have in mind right now is setup something like a log book area which the guards will sign on it when they patrol the area at night. I don’t know if this has already in place yet as I’m a new resident. As for the chance of buglar driving away our cars I think disabling the autogate will actually make it easier. I think most of the guards actually recognise our cars and car no. instead of our faces. Eventually they will open the gate for anyone driving our cars. However, if we let the autogate do the job, no one would be able to drive our car away if we keep the remote safely in the house.
    The suggestions that you mentioned are more of security measurements instead of ‘house rules’. Of cause those are most welcomed as it helps to improve the security. I think I have confused it with ‘house rules’ which is something like ‘we must inform the committees when we want to move in/out’ like those for the condos.
    Regarding the recent break-in case, I heard that the alarm of that house was off on that particular day and I wonder was it so coincidently or there is something fishy about it. Could it be someone is giving the buglar the info? The guards?

  15. Another thing just crossed my mind, what if the guards ‘pakat’ with the thief, just open the gate and let them off during midnight when the autogate is disable? Then they have all soughts of reason to push away the responsibility like ‘thief said he is another family member’. If the autogate is enable, the thief won’t be able to drive out without the remote and the guards has no reason of letting them out without any records.

  16. The autogate is a far better security feature than manually opening the gates, we should not disable it for the reason of just to give something for the guards to do at night and to keep them awake. If the guards could not stay awake during the night then just change them.

  17. Hi J,

    You do have a point about the chances of people running away with our cars. What is the best way to satisfy everyone since we have people agree and disagree?

    I think we all have the same good intention of keeping our neighborhood safe. Having to wait forever to get everyone agreement before we do something good is frustrating.

    The “house rule’ actually standard stuff like all cars must have stickers, how we control access of contractors when a house is under renovation, etc. It is not perfect but at least something for a start. We can improve it as we move along.

    Not sure what to say about the break-in, insider job? hahaha…maybe you are right.

    The first line of protection is still our grille and alarm. Guards comes second.

    • Hi Edwin,
      It is perfectly fine that the committee try out the idea of disabling the autogate at night but please don’t be affraid to change based on the feedback received. As far as I can see from the feedback here is the security has been losen with the disabling of autogate and no feedback saying about the security as been tighten which is the top priority. When there is negative feedback being receive I think the implementation has to be relooked into.

      Keeping themselves awake during the night is the security guard’s responsibility. My 2 cents is we should nail down the root cause of the problem which is ‘bad security guards’ instead of disabling the autogate. There are already several request to change the security guards so maybe you could work towards that way.

      About the best way to satisfy everyone, I can suggest a voting system which every unit will receive a voting form and they can vote on the voting form and drop the form at the cheque box provided at the exit gate. Resident could be given a period of time like 1 week to cast their vote and the result will be based on the majority vote from the voting form. Since the voting is easy and flexible i think a lot of residents will participate. I hope you will consider that.

  18. Hi Edwin,

    Kindly let me know if the committee is fine with the addition of new member. Let me know when is the next meeting and I will show up if I’m not occupied. I’ll try my best to play my part as well.

    I believe we can’t satisfy everybody. Whoever that has an opinion should at least first join the committee or has a committee member that agree to his/her point to voice it during the meeting. During the meeting, decision should be made by majority vote.

    I wonder how do we exchange phone numbers without posting it to the public. Any idea?

    Hi J,

    Welcome to BSL. How do you like the place so far? I agree with you on keeping the remote control function during night time as that is one of the best system I have seen (that log in and out). However, we have to respect the decision of the committee. Please join the committee with me (of course, only if they don’t mind adding new members half way through the year).

    • Hi Stanley,
      Nice to meet you. Actually I haven’t moved in officially yet. Still waiting for the renovation to finish. The neighbourhood is peaceful and nice. The tight security control also is the main reason I bought the house :).

  19. We don’t mind having more people in the committee. In fact we have 5 new member joining half-way and all of them wanted to be part of the “security team”.

    Ronny Yam is the head. All security decisions were decided by majority.

    Let me know your address (house No. and Jalan). I will bring Ronny and Patrick (president) to see both of you and then we exchange mobile number.

    • Edwin,
      Since II haven’t moved in officially yet so I think I only could join the commitee later, maybe sometime in May.

  20. Hi Edmin & Stanley,

    I would suggest to change this batch of security guards. I saw them a few times just releasing cars coming in through the Visitors lane without proper registration done. Before they complete the registration, the other guard already open the gate. Useless security guards.

  21. Hi Edwin,

    Please send me Ronny mobile phone. Sometimes, when I encountered security breach, I don’t know who to call.

  22. We are guarded by security who looks like school boys (budak mentah) and bapok…… anyone who is more garang than them will sure have the advantage to go in without registering….. sad to say……

  23. I don’t know if this have any bearing on the sleepiness of our security guards…but…last sunday I was at the sg. long minimarket at noon time buying some groceries, saw one of our security guards paying for a couple bottles of whisky. but I only realize he was our guard when I saw his motorbike pass my car and stop and alight at the BSL1 guardhouse as I was approaching. If you need me to point out the guard for disciplinary action..please let me know.. I am in House no.51 Jln 1/2.

  24. After the rude letter from an uneducated disgusting fellow, we can see our BSL1 residential committee especially those who are in charges with security are demotivated.

    I felt sad seeing this happen as the BSL1 residential committee.

    As a result, I can see the Security Guards quality standard start dropping.

    I have encountered two times in three days that the Security Guards open the outside gate at the playground.

    It is very dangerous for the children & mothers who patron the park in the evening. What if some bad guys / kidnappers drag the children & mother into their car and rush off.

    For those of you visiting the blog, please let your love ones and neighbours know of this risk. If you see the gate open, please alert the Security Guards and question them why they open the gate.

  25. Hello all, I discarded the letter as soon I read the profanity used. I wouldn’t even bother to think about who actually wrote the letter because I believe they aren’t worth my time.

    I’m not sure when is the next resident meeting. Let’s all participate in that meeting and hopefully we can rebuild the motivation of the committee.

    I do have my view point on the remote gate entry and the guard, I will bring it up when next meet-up.

    Thanks all and I really appreciate all the effort put in by the committee. Thanks again.

  26. Subscribing to the post…

  27. Every resident should have received a letter from the committee in their letterbox early June 2010. This letter is the committee’s respond to the rude letter by one of the resident.

    The letter openly acknowledge and appreciate the efforts put in by people in charge of security. I hope this will help restore their motivation.

    We are dealing with all sorts of people with different background and characters. It is not unusual to get criticism and obviously we cannot make everyone happy.

    The committee also a resident so most important of all is we must enjoy ourselves staying in BSL1. Being a committee is a voluntary job, so has to enjoy doing it, if not no point carry on.

  28. Hi Edwin,

    I agreed with you, therefore, BSL 1 Residential Association Committe, cheer up don’t be demotivated by those cowards who dare to write such a rude letter but don’t dare to come out to provide face to face complaints.

    You know I support you all. Don’t just let one or two cowards spoilt the harmony of BSL 1. We do our parts and forget about those cowards.

    Anyway, complaints out of good wills will help to improve. Do you agreed?

    As for unreasonable complaints, we have to base on Majority agreement to get it solve.

    So, BSL 1 Residential Association Committee, don’t give up on you supporters.

  29. We have been paying for the maintenance fees but not getting the good services. I am very disappointed with the Security Guard.

    Despite, the Security Guards are just a few steps away from our house, they can’t even do any thing to stop people from vandalizing. What will happen to those house far away from the Security Guard house?

    We don’t understand what are they doing there at the Security Guard House.

    What are we going to do to improve the Security Gouard qualities.

  30. Why don’t we define a clear objective for the security guard? After all, I don’t think they are able to safe guard every single household in BSL1. Maybe we should refine the objective of the guard to only focus on people coming in and out of BSL1. What do you all think?

    On the other hand, I will still like to bring up the auto gate and the car sticker. I think car sticker is less efficient in the manner of controlling in and out of the community. We should stick to auto gate and we should stay with the feature that you have to come in (and out) using the same remote. In that case, we can disable the particular remote (by serial number) if someone doesn’t pay the maintenance. You may e-mail me at me at stanleychee dot com if you need me to assist on this. Thanks.

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