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Leave your comment here about maintenance such as rubbish collection, anything that need repair or broken, plants/trees, traffic, etc.


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  1. Dear all,

    The committee has raised concern about cars speeding in 2 areas.
    1) a sharp corner next to house No.1 Jalan 1/2
    2) the cornering slope coming down from phase 3 near the new bungalow area just before the guard house

    We have suggested KiHuat to put a hump in these 2 spots to slow down the cars. They agreed to 1) above but have to get permission from MPKJ for item 2).

    However 2 months have passed but still nothing has been done. The answer I always got from KiHuat is “still working on it”.

    Any idea how to get them work faster?


    • Hi Residents,

      As you can see, the humps are already in place. So far no resident have complaint about dangerous corners and speeding cars in these 2 locations.


  2. Dear residents,

    News about our telephone application. KiHuat informed me that Telekom said we have to wait until year end 2009 to get our phone.

    This is despite KiHuat managed to submit more than 40% of total resident application form.


  3. Dear all,

    As agreed, the humps have been put in place. Thanks KiHuat.

  4. Hi all,

    First of all, good job on this blog!! at least there is a platform now for all of us 🙂

    I’m not sure if you guys face the same problem, where the garbage collector always leave the external garbage site door unclosed or not closed properly, after they are done?
    this can be quite frustrating as those stray cats would feed on the garbage that we threw (unaware of the door that is not properly closed) and smear the garbage around.

  5. Dear All,

    Talking about those stray cats, and I believe that is quite a lot of them around the garden, beside feed on the garbage, they even shit in front of my house and in my garden.

    Any good solution for that?

    • Hi,
      I believe the cats will go away if there is no more food for them. I hope everyone make sure they throw rubbish into the green bin or rubbish compartment and the door is closed all the time. Don’t expect too much disipline from the garbage collector….considering the salary the get…I think you know what I mean.

  6. Anyone has any idea how to get MPK J to cut the grasses which has grow extremely wild? (on the road shoulder behind Ascara’ semi-d houses)

    • Hi Lam,

      Someone need to inform MPKJ and this party I think by right are the property developers within the vicinity. It is for their benefit as well because a clean and tidy area will boost the quality of the environment, hence help promote their sales and marketing campaign.

  7. Hi BSL1 Committee,

    I saw the “observation tower” near our playground.
    I have climbed up and experienced it
    myself. Looks awesome! Our security guard can see clearly now any intruders coming from the highway.
    Bravo guys!! =D

    BTW, is there any plan to beautify our “lake”?
    Really wish it looks like a natural lake…but too bad, our so called “recreational lake” looks rather muddy and dirty especially after rain.
    Maybe we need to clean it up by “gotong-royong” every 6 months… can also rare fish or maybe few swans / ducks there to make it more lively….
    hehehe….. ^_^

    Just my 2 cents.

    Best regards,
    Ruey Ming.

  8. Goodday,

    Please advise if I could arrange the delivery of the electrical appliance or sofa during PH or Sunday, or after 6pm?


  9. Vera, I think delivery of furnitures and electrical appliances are permited during ph, sunday and after 6pm as those are not renovation work and doesn’t cause much noissance as we are staying in individual unit.

  10. Hello,

    Recently there is a big school bus ( i think the owner stays at Taming)
    They park in front of our house.
    Every morning, the bus driver will start up the engines for 30 mins before it goes off. Around 6.35am.
    Beside the annoying engine noise, the gasoline smell is killing us too.
    Any chance we can complain? Why cant they park at their end (taming end)instead of ours? 😦

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