Hello BSL 1 Residents!

Dear Residents,

A very warm welcome to you on behalf of the Bukit Sg Long Resident Association Committee (BSLRAC). 

The pupose of this blog is to improve interaction among our neighbours and with the resident association committee.  This blog also serve as a forum to share social as well as official matters related to our Bukit Sungai Long aka. BSL Phase One community. 

Although we appreciate honest comment, please be reminded that you are responsible for your words.  Hence, restrain yourself from saying or share anything that is vulgar, obscene or  sensitive to any religion.

Thank you and have a nice blogging session.

Edwin Yeap


22 Responses

  1. It is glad to know that finally a blog for sharing info and updates on BSL1.

    I would like to suggest to have at least a photo taken near guard house entrance with the LOGO Of BSL1 for the website banner.

    Cheers….. Cannise Liew

  2. Well done Edwin! I apologized cause take so long to say some words in the blog. Well, as “Cannise Liew” was saying we should put up the BSL1 entrance’s photo for this blog.
    Anyway, I’ll try my best to a photo in front of the guard house & send it to Edwin later …

  3. Cannise, Bok,

    I have sent email to Dennis (KiHuat) informing him about this blog and also suggested to have the BSL1 logo. Since the logo belongs to KiHuat, I am waiting for their feedback whether they have any issue for us to use it in this blog.

    Will let all know.

  4. KiHuat replied saying that they have no objection for us to use their BSL1 logo.

  5. Can i ask why BSL dont have tmnet? i cant apply streamyx anyway..

    • Hi,
      More than 45% of the residents have submitted application forms to Telekom Malaysia but still we were told to wait. KiHuat is also helping and so far collected > 45% forms to be submitted to Telekom. The last information we got from KiHuat is that we may get phone line end of this year.

      By the way, please let me know your house number and road?

  6. Hi all,

    nice to meet U guys here.


    Best Rgds,
    Koh 8-1/5

  7. It is sad to see that the guards at the guardhouse are not doing their jobs. I noticed that most of the time, they just allow the visitors to go in without proper documentation when the visitors raising their voices or told the guards that they have so and so leaving there or told the guards that their friends or relatives are so and so in the resident commitee. We are paying for good security for protection for every one staying in BSL1. I hope to see great improvements from the security perspective otherwise not worth paying for the maintenance fee.

  8. I totally agree with KM. I do hope someone is looking into this matter.

  9. Nice to know there is blog on BSL 1.

  10. Lately there have been indiscriminate firing of fireworks. While I am not against people having some fun with fireworks for special occassions, but those firing industrial-grade fireworks should exercise more caution. These type of fireworks must be fired in an open area, high ground and should be securely anchored. One cannot simply launch these types of fireworks in the middle of the road, just outside the house. For one, the residue from the fireworks are not small and can burn one’s skin. Secondly, if the fireworks misfire, fall sideways, it will fire straight in someone’s house.

    • Tang, I totally agreed with you. You should see the culprit from BSL2 just opposite road @ BSL guard house that the culprit firing the fireworks toward BSL1 and my house is a corner house and caught all the residue of fireworks and some even still with spot of fire.

      I would highly suggest to the Resident Commitees bring this up in the meeting. Since, we have a recreation lake, can the residents get together and have the fireworks session at that place.

  11. Hi,

    Understand that BSL 1 is having some upgrading perimeter fencing works lately but I am just curious why there are these barb wires left unattended and spread out over the open space next to the TNB sub-station. Beside being an eyesore, it is also too dangerous for the kids who play at the open space. Does anyone know what happened to it?

  12. I wish to say thank you to Edwin, Ronnie, Phillip & The Committee for the efforts to make BSL1 a secure living place.

    I believed all the residents in BSL1 have received a very rude letter from an uneducated rich person who dare to write such rude letter but not dare to identify himself / herself.

    For my family members and I, we are supporting Ronnie, Phillip and the committee members. We hope this letter won’t discourage Ronnie, Phillip & the committee members. We hope the person and his / her family members can come out and talk about his / her / their unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the committee.

  13. Keep up the good work BSL 1 committee.

  14. Dear all resident,

    The committee have responded to the rude letter. I hope we put this matter behind us. We encourage feedback (whether good or bad) and of course constructive criticism. It is much easier to discuss face-to-face to solve problems.

  15. Hi All,

    I think it will be good to call for BSL 1 Residential Association Committe meeting.

    The objective of the meeting is to table a motion to fully support the current BSL 1 Residential Association Committe.

    Prior to the meeting, a survey form to be passed to all residents to allow them an opportunity to write down feedback / suggestion and then put them in the suggestion box for those do not want to be identified.

    During the meeting also a good opportunity for those who are better in vocal expression to verbally providing feedback / suggestion to the committee on the spot.

    What do you all think?

    • The committee already having discussion to have a resident meeting. Not only want to listen to feedback from residents but also to announce our financial status and to report back to Registrar of Society.

      Date is not set yet but prefer having it in conjunction with a festival. Eg: moon cake

  16. i am very curious why we need to install a few CCTVs at the enterance. what is the purpose for having five? to catch criminals? are we going to have a secure surroundings by installing the CCTVs? i really wander why? a lot of questions marks appear. we can onli refer to the CCTVs when something happen but nothing can be cured. i really do not like the ideas of having the CCTVs. Moreover, more than 3 of them. that’s another problem. recently, the garbage collecters only come once a week. my goodness! i can see maggots crawling out of the garbage bins… and the bad smell too…. i hope my questions have some answers… t q.

    • Dear Mr. Yee,

      Thank you for your feedback and we certainly appreciate your comments and your gesture is a positive contribution towards the well being of the residents of BSL 1.
      You are right – CCTV footages are good when something already happened. However, when something already happened and if the footages can help in punishing the culprit it certainly carries some justice to the victim(s) concerned. Moreover, an inteded criminal after passing through the host of cameras that capture their images at all angles will have a psychological deterrent effect before commiting their crime. This deterent effect is more important than anything else. We, at the Committee level had debated this issue at length and we believe that the CCTV cameras will have a deterrent effect towards intended criminals.

      There has never been any reported burglary since we put up barb wire, security tower and increase more guards at night. Now with CCTV, we sent a message to criminals that BSL1 is not an easy target. We will monitor the situation and keep the residents informed.

      On the waste disposal issue, we will take up the matter with the Alam Flora and voice our complaint with the contractor. Thank you for being a concerned resident of BSL1 in highlighting the shortcomings of Alam Flora.

  17. I am staying in No. 51 Jln BSL 1/2, I would like to find out who to contact regarding the trimming of the tree in front of my house. I don’t want anyone to trim my tree. I want it to grow. I specifically told the guy that I don’t want it trimmed but he went ahead and do it. What is the point of planting the tree if you going to cut all the branches and leaves off when it just starts to look like a decent tree!

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