Social activities & general communication

playgroundUse this for area for social chatting or events such as you want to invite neighbour to your open house, birthday party, or just inform people that your dog have gave birth to new puppies!

Or just to let people know you have move into Bkt Sg Long.


Comment about Maintenance

Leave your comment here about maintenance such as rubbish collection, anything that need repair or broken, plants/trees, traffic, etc.

Comment about Security Guard

BSL1-ghseGive your comment here anything about our security guard

Resident Meeting

Dear residents,

The Resident Association Committee (RAC) with collaboration with Ki Huat will arrange a meeting with all residents of BSL1.  The key topic of discussion is about the service management fee for 2010 and beyond.  Also in the agenda will be the appointment of new committee members.  The RAC will announce the venue, date and time of the meeting once it is confirmed.  Announcement will be via letters and this blog.



Hello BSL 1 Residents!

Dear Residents,

A very warm welcome to you on behalf of the Bukit Sg Long Resident Association Committee (BSLRAC). 

The pupose of this blog is to improve interaction among our neighbours and with the resident association committee.  This blog also serve as a forum to share social as well as official matters related to our Bukit Sungai Long aka. BSL Phase One community. 

Although we appreciate honest comment, please be reminded that you are responsible for your words.  Hence, restrain yourself from saying or share anything that is vulgar, obscene or  sensitive to any religion.

Thank you and have a nice blogging session.

Edwin Yeap